vistir.termcolors module

vistir.termcolors.colored(text, color=None, on_color=None, attrs=None)[source]

Colorize text using a reimplementation of the colorizer from so that it works on windows.

Available text colors:
red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white.
Available text highlights:
on_red, on_green, on_yellow, on_blue, on_magenta, on_cyan, on_white.
Available attributes:
bold, dark, underline, blink, reverse, concealed.
colored(‘Hello, World!’, ‘red’, ‘on_grey’, [‘blue’, ‘blink’]) colored(‘Hello, World!’, ‘green’)
vistir.termcolors.colorize(text, fg=None, bg=None, attrs=None)[source]
vistir.termcolors.cprint(text, color=None, on_color=None, attrs=None, **kwargs)[source]

Print colorize text.

It accepts arguments of print function.